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Terms of Service
© Copyright Information

Terms of Service
When I create a design or an illustration for a client, I own the copyright to that work with exclusive rights granted to the client. The usage rights can be defined with applicable costs depending on the needs of the client.

The copyrights of logos are granted to the client (though there are unique situations.) Any filings for trademarks will need to be filed by the client, I do not provide a trademark filing service.

"Original artwork, including sketches and any other preliminary materials, remain the property of the artist unless purchased by a payment of a separate fee. Any usage rights not exclusively transferred are reserved to the artist. Usage beyond that granted to the client herein shall require payment of a mutually agreed upon additional fee."

© Copyright Information
Copyrights are a subject I take very seriously. Artwork and music are the work that I create and it is how I make my living. It is important for me to protect my work and be aware of the rights of others. Clients should know about copyrights and the usage of creative works. If you have questions or concerns about the uses of artwork and applicable copyright laws, take time to research. Below are links to a few resources of information about Copyright Laws and applicable subjects.

U.S. Copyright Office
Copyright Laws
10 Copyright Myths Explained
Copyright and the Internet
Rights for Artists
Clip Art - When it's Illegal



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